I had too many issues with NU so I dedicded to go back to USM. I changed my Major from Computer Science to CyberSecurity. Hopefully I start in January as it mentions. Think this would be fun to do, and cyber security seems to be the big thing now.

FreeBSD Contributor

I have been using FreeBSD since 1999 starting with the 2.x series, which quickly went on to the 3.x series after realising I downloaded the wrong version. In my time I have submited about 600+ bug reports Helped many people fix, configure and diagnose there FreeBSD machine Maintained and updated HP-Lip Fixed a bug in sysctl by adding in a - number would casue a panic maintained kvirc for various years Reason for stopping the contributing

Server Change

This server was moved away from FreeBSD and went back to using OpenBSD. Politics had a large reasoning for this. I will refuse to use any service, software or operating system that requires the use of a TOS, software is free but my words aren’t?


I purchased a PS5 for the soul purpose of playing FF16 and that game did not disapoint at all. Story, Music, Movies were all of what you can expect from a Dquare Enix game. I am looking forward to playing FF7 Rebirth when it comes out in Feb.


Mia RIP 2009-2023 My pup of 14 years passed away on Oct-1 at 2AM She did not eat for 5 days, we tried to give her a meal stimulant and we took her to the vet to get a drip/IV She could no longer walk or stand on her own. We took her for her very long last car ride and due to her crying and not eating I decided to put her to sleep.

Website updated

The screen shown on the main page is now an actual screen shot being used on my web server. I did not want to continue to use the authors resopurces or images.

Web Server NGINX

Server now runs nginx This is a series of server changes what has been done so fare. Removal of cacti Removal of phpsysinfo Removal of nagios Moved sites away from php Only have site that are known to be some what secure and file based. The only php app that uses a DB is phpmyadmin The OS will continue to be FreeBSD as I like/want zfs But this can be changed later on with iscsi on OpenBSD.


I am trying to get ride of the need for PHP. I found a relatively decent terminal like Hugo theme which motivated me to modify it. so now runs using hugo and the rosetti theme.

Markdown Syntax Guide

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that can be used in Hugo content files, also it shows whether basic HTML elements are decorated with CSS in a Hugo theme.

Rich Content

Hugo ships with several Built-in Shortcodes for rich content, along with a Privacy Config and a set of Simple Shortcodes that enable static and no-JS versions of various social media embeds.

Placeholder Text

Lorem est tota propiore conpellat pectoribus de pectora summo.

Math Typesetting

Mathematical notation in a Hugo project can be enabled by using third party JavaScript libraries.

Emoji Support

Emoji can be enabled in a Hugo project in a number of ways.


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